What I’m doing now

Note: last updated April 5, 2017 (on the advice of the amazing Derek Sivers). If my activities or priorities change, I will update this page.


My main goal right now is to finish my Master’s in Experimental and Applied Psychology for June of 2017. Therefore, I spend all my time on these things: (in order of time spent/importance)

  • Research. This includes:
    • Reading, and lots of it, to better think, work, and live
      • academic articles
      • non-fiction
      • fiction (to recharge and gather disparate ideas)
    • learning how to do stats in R
  • writing based on what I’ve learned from my deep work
  • playing music, either
    • writing songs, or
    • improving my vocal/guitar chops
    • playing gigs
  • spending quality time with friends
  • staying fit, mainly by
    • eating well
    • running hills
    • doing gymnastics strength training
  • watching sports (go Warriors!) and my favourite TV shows (I once wrote a song about Game of Thrones)
  • answering emails

    Those are my priorities. If you come to me with a project outside of that scope, I will probably say no. It’s nothing personal, I just need to focus on becoming world class at what I do.